Support Services

Color Schemes

The Research & Development team of REDANS SRL has been working on IoT and cloud technologies since their academic research trials, long before the commercial adoption [see details in: Research Papers].

The company develops and provides the full InteliS platform including hardware, software, user licenses, as well as installation services, technical support and consulting services to maritime and industrial integrators. In addition, the company continues to research and develop new cloud services and technologies as the market demands. All REDANS products use the latest available security technologies including cryptographic chips, received under dedicated commercial chains as agreed beforehand with top manufacturers in the field.

These supply chains and our own R&D lab allows us to build in-house high-quality products and a quick upgrade (hw/sw) of any component used in InteliS platform. All installations are made by REDANS support team and/or integrators' specialists. The software & hardware customization is always available in order to make InteliS fit to every application's need. InteliS system maintenance is REDANS support team responsibility. All security aspects are handled according to the highest quality management standards.