Redans company innovates new engineering solutions for project development of industrial digitalization, smart diagnosis, management of green energy and solutions for smart agriculture.

Our solutions for diagnosis and management of energy production systems:

      ✔ Applications for diagnosis and monitoring the production of photovoltaics and wind energy;
      ✔ Applications for diagnosis, monitoring and management of EV charging stations;

Our solutions for industrial digitalization:

      ✔ Cloud, SCADA and ERP integration with software and hardware automation;
      ✔ Robot applications for palletizing, welding and precision mechanical assembly;
      ✔ Robot applications for defect analysis, sorting and painting assisted by AI with video cameras;
      ✔ Diagnosis applications for industrial equipment: pump, engines, electrical motors, mechanics using AI for entire tehnological process (vibrations, teperature, pressure, etc.);
      ✔ Remote diagnosis applications for industrial equipment which are hard to acces (PLC, engines, generators, etc.) used in industry: oil & gas, maritime;
      ✔ Remote management applications of a technological work-flow for analyzing and optimizing the use of resources;

Our solutions for smart agriculture:

      ✔ Applications for environmental monitoring related to agricultural crops, such as weather stations that measure soil parameters (Ph, humidity at different depths) in addition to the usual environmental parameters (humidity/air temperature, wind speed, amount of precipitation, solar radiation level, etc.);
      ✔ Applications for monitoring and controlling irrigation systems with the optimization of the resources used depending on the environmental conditions needed by the crops;
      ✔ Applications for crop pest monitoring by using of smart traps that use image analysis with artificial intelligence technologies;

Hardware & software solutions for customized applications

Service 1             Green Energy

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     We carry out the design and execution of photovoltaic and wind installations using premium quality products.
Qualified installation with professional equipment, performed on any type of roof (metal, tile), ground, suspended trusses, fences, etc.
     The solar radiation sensor, developed in-house, allows us to precisely monitor the proper functioning of the solar panels.
     The role of the sensor is to provide us with information about the power of solar radiation every second, in order to validate the production of solar energy.
     The sensor uses low-power wireless communication to acquire the state of solar radiation and transmit the values to the energy production monitoring and diagnosis system.
     Integration with related systems:
             o Smart buildings (BMS);
             o Charging stations for EV;
             o Others production work-flows (industry, bakery, ...);
             o Energy management;
     Durable solution for any type of season using premium equipment.

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Service 1             Romorph

Solutions for robotic applications such as:

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Electronic module testing

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Waste sorting

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Metal processing

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Assistance in food processing

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Product quality inspections

Service 1             DigitalFlows

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Solution for the predictive diagnosis of equipment from industrial process based on machine learning algorithms applied to the acquired data:

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Flows-net sensors acquire data from monitored equipment and send them to the GateON data concentrator;
The GateON concentrator combines the data from Flows-net (vibrations, temperature, current/voltage, flow, pressure, etc.) and securely sends them to the LinDA platform for analysis;
The DigitalFlows application analyzes the data and provides the result of the probability of a defect to a smartphone/tablet/laptop.
Applications where DigitalFlows solution brings significant savings in equipment maintenance and repair costs:
         o Auxiliary machines in heavy industry such as steel processing, paper processing, energy production, automotive industry (engines, fans, pumps, extruders);
         o Pumping stations in irrigation systems;
         o Pumping stations in the extractive industry (saturated brine, oil);
         o Engines, large generators (ships);
         o Large fans (aeration wells in salt pans);

Service 2              Interactive Remote Diagnostic

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Solution that allows an authorized remote specialist to access the technological equipment of an industrial process for the purpose of interactive diagnosis:

GateON devices – necessary to create secure communication channels between the interconnected equipment to the LinDA platform;
The Interactive Remote Diagnostic service that runs in the LinDA cloud offers access to registered users (plant owners, specialists), on certain planned access times, records all access activity in logs, generates reports and bills;
The IRD solution brings important savings in the service costs of technological equipment where human access, of specialists, is expensive, difficult to achieve, such as in the maritime and oil&gas fields;

             o Reducing the costs of traveling specialists to the location of the equipment;
             o Decreasing of intervention time by scheduling the remote intervention of the specialist;
             o The specialized analysis offered by authorized specialists contributes to a qualitative, precise diagnosis and the provision of correct solutions;

Service 3              Connected Resources

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Wind energy

Solution for the acquisition, aggregation and analysis of data from applications for intelligent agriculture and renewable energy production systems;
AIR-Wnet devices equipped with the sensors required for each application (temperature, soil moisture, ambient, solar radiation, level, etc.);
The GateON concentrator combines data from AIR-Wnet and securely sends them to the LinDA platform for analysis;
Examples of IoT monitoring applications:

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Smart irrigation
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Photovoltaic power plant

Research & Development & Innovation

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Object recognition and manipulation

The research and development department of our company is continuously working on innovative components of the offered solutions.
Current technologies that are the basis of the development of solutions:

Based on Artificial Intelligence used in image recognition for:
             o Collaborative robots in industrial applications;
             o Smart cities;
             o Smart agriculture;
Predictive maintenance for industry and green energy, using Machine Learning algorithms;
Hardware and software customized and developed in-house for gateways and sensors used in sensitive applications due to of security such as Interactive Remote Diagnostic for industries: maritime, oil, dangerous areas, etc

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Robotic applications
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Vibration spectrum analysis
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Data analysis programming with ML technologies
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Machine Learning results

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Vibration sensor
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Acquisition of accelerometer data and sending it to the cloud
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Radio signal spectrum analysis
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Radio antenna test
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Solar radiation sensor

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GateRO40x is a gateway-router that exchanges network data between multiple industrial network interfaces, including InteliS or LinDA cloud services over Cellular/Satellite

2 serial (RS232/422/485), Modbus/RTU/ASCII, decode ASCII strings using ProtocolBuilder
2 interfaces Ethernet, supports Modbus/TCP, cloud services InteliS

GateRO401 allows the interconnection of devices (PLCs, smart sensors, SCADA) working on different protocols or technologies / speeds. All connections between GateRO devices and the associated InteliS cloud system are encrypted using hardware embedded crypto-chips. The level of security of the crypto-algorithms is the same as that used in the field of electronic banking.


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