Remote Diagnostic & DataFLY & ScadaCloud & BeeMON

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RD: Remote Diagnostic in maritime applications

Decrease the operational costs by reducing the repair time and maintenance costs:

Reduce the intervention trips by minimum 1 at each service job
The service job time is shorted by minimum half
Quick remote diagnosis of a reported problem by the most experienced engineer available in the office without need to travel
Allows achieving of problem details for preparing a certain intervention as regards to hardware (sensors/devices failure, etc)

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DataFLY: telemetry in maritime applications

Service - Engineers – Investigate the status of the ship equipment within seconds of the event, going back in the past as much as needed; The engineering data is useful for a proper diagnostic of occurred problems, or prevent possible future problems
Shipyard – Analyse the usage of ship; if ship works according to the design was made; results may be used to improve future ship-automation design
Owner – check the way the ship is used, serviced

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DataFLY: telemetry in industry

Production manager analyses the behaviour of steam boiler in a tire retreading factory
When steam pressure after servo-valve controller goes below low-limit, then the system sends alerts (e.g., emails)
General manager of factory may analyse the quality of fuel (pellets) used in a time period

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DataFLY: telemetry in rubber industry


Receipts improvements (rubber-quality) used in mixing of raw materials
Preventive maintenance of machinery by checking the energy consumption behaviouri
Production reports (quantity, quality, used resources, etc)

Rubber extruder:

Uses laser tehnology for local control-loop and for higher-level supervision
Automatic control of thickness and width of rubber band according to the tires' need
Reduce the human resources
Reduce the raw-material (rubber) consumption
Increase the tire quality due to using a best-fit rubber band
Increase the productivity (no need for manual control of sizes)
Production reports (quantity, quality, used resources, etc)

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ScadaCloud in industry applications

Web based HMI that uses InteliS data (telemetry) to interactively show on modern browsers:

Reduce costs with software licenses (SCADA client/server stations, Operating Systems, antivirus, etc)
Reduce costs with IT hardware (servers, UPS)
Reduce operational costs (e.g, maintenance)
Increase system availability

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BeeMON: telemetry in smart agriculture

BeeMON monitors bee hives in order to provide better diagnostics of honey-bees:

Bee activity, temperatures, humidity
Instant alarm (email/sms) for theft or vandalism
Apiary weather conditions: track rainfall, temperatures, humidity, barometric pressure, ambiental light
Hive weight: map the nectar flow, receive email alerts when the supers are full or winter store levels are low
User may check the status of apiary from any Internet connected device (tablet, smartphone, PC) remotely
Visualization of historical process data for an easy interpretation
Downloading of historical process data for an offline processing needed by researchers

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