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Smart building with photovoltaics

Green electricity production solutions

Design of electricity production facilities. The solution includes solar panels/wind-mills, inverter, cables, consumers, etc.;
Integration with related systems:
      o Smart buildings (BMS). Monitoring and optimization of the energy consumption of the building;
      o Smart EV charging stations. Car charging stations that charge the EV from green-energy;
      o Production flows. Individual energy monitoring on flows allows for energy management to avoid exceeding the installed power of the Grid network. Possible integration with pre-existing SCADA systems;
      o Energy management. Applications that optimises the energy consumption by managing of devices that consume energy: car charging, air conditioning, battery charging, boilers, HVACs, etc.;

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The smart wind house

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Energy monitoring

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Romorph: Applications in which collaborative robots are involved

Collaborative robots have the following advantages:
They can be integrated into pre-existing technological work-flows.
It works 24 hours a day without a break when compare to the human staff.
They are not dangerous. The robot's sensor system does not allow human operators to be harmed.
They are customizable and adaptable to new tasks.
Can work in several technological flows, or create various products

Examples of robotic applications:

Palletizing: in which the robot takes products from the production line or nearby, being assisted by a camera for object detection, and places them in: boxes, shuttles, formwork, pallets, etc.

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Electronic module testing

Applications for testing electronic modules, by manipulating boards to make electrical measurements or visual inspection.

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Waste sorting

Applications for sorting, such as waste, where the source point is dynamically detected using visual recognition with Artificial Intelligence. The solution uses cameras external to the robot capable of recognizing and detecting the position of the sought objects.
The 3d cameras are calibrated and communicate with the collaborative robot, so that it knows at any moment where the objects are.

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Metal processing

Applications for mechanical processing of materials such as metal, wood, stone, etc.
Picking, cutting, perforation, sanding, painting, varnishing, etc. operations can be performed.

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Assistance in food processing

Applications for the food industry in which robots can: select products with high temperatures, consistency of products, take samples from products, video inspections, etc.

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Product quality inspections

Applications for product quality inspection, using a 3d camera attached to the robotic arm. The inspection can be performed completely automatically or with the validation of a user.

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DigitalFlows: analyse the behaviour of industrial equipment using AI.

Solution for the predictive diagnosis of equipment from an industrial process based on machine learning algorithms applied to the acquired data:

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Flows-net sensors acquire data from monitored equipment and send them to the GateON data concentrator;
The GateON concentrator combines the data from Flows-net (vibrations, temperature, current/voltage, flow, pressure, etc.) and securely sends them to the LinDA platform for analysis;
The DigitalFlows application analyzes the data and provides the result of the probability of a defect to a smartphone/tablet/laptop.
Examples of applications where the Digital Flows solution brings important savings in equipment maintenance and repair costs:
         o Auxiliary machines in heavy industry such as steel processing, paper processing, energy production, automotive industry (engines, fans, pumps, extruders);
            o Pumping stations in irrigation systems;
            o Engines, large generators (ships);
            o Large fans (aeration wells in salt mines);

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Interactive Remote Diagnostic: Remote diagnostics in the maritime field

Decreases operational cost by reducing repair and maintenance time:

Reduces intervention trips by a minimum of 1 per job;
It cuts the minimum intervention time in half on each job;
Rapid remote diagnosis of faults by experienced staff in the office without the need to travel;
Enables obtaining details of a problem to prepare for a specific hardware intervention (device sensors/errors, etc.);

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DataFLY: telemetry in maritime applications

Service Engineers – Investigate the condition of equipment on a vessel by scrolling information (forward/backward) acquired over time. The data is useful for engineers to be able to correctly diagnose a problem or prevent it;
Shipyard – Analyzes how the shipyard can improve future projects;
The owner – checks how the ship is used, maintained;

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DataFLY: telemetry in industry

Steam plant:

The production manager analyzes the behavior of the steam supply plant in a tire retreading plant;
When the steam pressure after the servo-valve related to the pellet plant is below the limit, alerts are sent (emails, sms, app notification, etc);
The plant manager can analyze the quality of the fuel used (pellets) over a period of time;

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DataFLY: telemetry in the rubber industry

Rubber mixer:

Analysis and improvement of recipes in the process of mixing raw materials;
Preventive maintenance by monitoring the energy consumption of the installation with a warning (email reports) in case of a change in behavior;
Production reports (quantity of finished product, quality, consumption of raw materials/human resources, etc.);
Indoor access tracking (door sensor);

Upgrading of the rubber belt extruder:

It uses laser technologies for the local control loop and for reporting to the upper level;
Automatic adjustment of dimensions (thickness, width) according to the requirements of current tires;
Reduce the number of staff;
Reduces material waste due to the high precision of the laser sensors;
Increases the quality of the finished product due to the placement of the material of the right size for each tire (to a precision of 0.1mm);
Increases the productivity of the machine by no-need for manual thickness/width adjustment;
Production reports (quantity of finished product, consumption of raw materials/human resources, etc.);

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ScadaCloud industry application

It is an InteliS service capable of representing data (from telemetry) in state-of-the-art Web HMI interfaces running in the Cloud:

Reduce the cost of software licenses, operating system, antivirus, etc;
Reduces the cost of IT hardware components (servers, UPS);
Reduces operational cost (e.g. maintenance);
Increases uptime;

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BeeMON: telemetry in beekeeping

BeeMON app monitors bees to increase honey productivity:

Bee activity, temperature, humidity;
Alarms (email/sms) in case of theft or vandalism;
Weather conditions at the location where the apiary is located: rain, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, ambient light;
The weight of the hive, send an alert (email/sms) when the hive is full or the bees run out of food in the winter;
The user checks the status of the hive with any device connected to the Internet (tablet, smartphone, PC) at any time;
Graphical visualization of past data for easier interpretation;
Download data for offline processing;

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