InteliS AIR-Wnet Service

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IoT applications for wireless sensors network (WSN)

AIR-Wnet is a cloud-based service that handles data provided by our WSN:
WSN nodes exchange data across the network using our proprietary epidemic, multi-hop, protocol
GateRO handles the WSN data in and out of standard communication channels like MQTT, LoraNET, Modbus/TCP
GateRO creates the communication paths between WSNs and InteliS cloud, storing data into a remote database in the InteliS cloud
GateRO buffers WSN data such as it helps when Cloud connection is lost
Visualization of historical process data for an easy interpretation
Downloading of historical process data for an offline processing

AIR-Wnet will calculate and program the WSN nodes such as to optimise the tradeoff between low-power and network characteristics (delay, throughput) according to certain conditions. Hence, our AIR-Wnet service will fit most used application types: environmental monitoring, smart-building, smart agriculture, distributed industrial process.