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System Overview

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REDANS, together with its partners, build customized solutions that enhance your automation system with the features of the latest industrial revolution - Industry 4.0:

Remote monitoring and analysis of automation systems in order to prevent and predict failures of the automation components
Remote access to the plant floor in order to improve efficiency
Reduce maintenance and operational costs
Reduce energy consumption
Increase operational availability

How the system works

Our InteliS platform was designed and built such as a Cyberphysical system that provides all features of nowadays and future connectivity, processing and scalability facilities. These facilities are currently provided by means of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Cloud computing technologies, respectively. InteliS platform uses existing state-of-the-art technologies and our own patented innovations as follows:
Interconnecting various embedded devices (sensors, actuators) is easily done with the aid of protocol conversions made by our GateRO gateways
Exchanging of process data between embedded devices/dedicated automation components (PLCs, drives, etc.) and InteliS cloud services is also easily done with the secure communication paths as provided by our GateRO gateways
Storing process data in private clouds or customers' datacenter use cloud management system for resiliency, failover benefits
Processing of collected data using various analytics uses cloud 'unlimited' processing power
Billing of communication and processing costs are done per-usage, regardless of the project size
Human interface for results and decisions uses latest browser standards (HTML5), multitouch devices, emails/sms
Customised interfaces for 3rd party asset management systems (e.g., IBM-Maximo), enterprise resource planning tools (ERP)

Service 1

Lighted Infrastructure that extracts the value of IoT data.

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Service 2

Curabitur mollis

DataFLY service brings IoT data into your custom data analysis application.

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Service 3

Vivamus mattis

Fix the problem before you knew you had one.

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Service 2

GateRO dedicated hardware

GateRO dedicated hardware to support InteliS platform.

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Our Partners

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